Shop Production World Auctions are an opportunity to find deals on a wide range of gear. Auction products are sourced through a variety of channels including consignment opportunities and other auctions. We also source product from Production World’s production warehouse. If you want to list your product with us or know of a source of products we may want to consider, CONTACT SHOP PRODUCTION WORLD. Currently, we are digging around the warehouse and selecting items to auction including lighting, audio processors and more.  Sign up for PRODUCT UPDATES to be informed when the first auctions are unleashed.  PLEASE NOTE: Products sold online by Shop Production World can only be purchased and shipped in Canada. Shipping costs are additional and added at checkout. Winning bidders can also pick up the item at Shop Production World to avoid shipping costs.

If you are interested in submitting an item through our Consignment Auction, scroll down for details.


Do you have gear you want to auction off?  A set of speakers, microphones, mixing console, DJ gear, instruments … ? Shop Production World’s Consignment Auction can be your solution.  We’ll set up your item online, and collect the payment less 15%, as well as the shipping cost should the buyer request shipping.


  • Shop Production World reserves the right to not accept a submission.
  • Shop Production World does not take any responsibility for the condition of the item listed. You are required to verify the item’s condition in your description.
  • Shop Production World will collect the payment including shipping. If you bring the item to our location, we will handle the shipping. If you want to drop-ship from your location, you may do so.
  • Shop Production World will pay you the highest amount bid less 15% commission. If you are processing shipping, you will be paid the shipping cost as per the bidder’s payment and shipping method. Shop Production World will only ship in Canada.

Consignment Auction Submission

1. Fill out the form completely. 2. Include all critical information you can about the item and confirm its condition. 3. Enter a dollar value for the reserve amount if applicable. A reserve price is the minimum value you will accept. If the highest bid is below that value, you do not have to sell the item. 4. Upload up to 4 images of the item. Photo file formats must be .jpeg or .png. We reserve the right to edit the photos for formatting purposes.